Tuesday, May 29, 2007

This is THE END...

This is THE END..........of the previous blog..........I didn't know there would be a part two until I looked again at the draft notes..........I promise I will not return to the subject of the SARAH BRIGHTMAN concert again. I do confess that the blogs are taking longer to compose than the entire concert.

Did I mention that the "moon" and "star" that formed the exceptional "stage" are Arabian symbols? You knew that already. On several occasions, chanting and musical instruments of the Middle East were used dramatically to instill the Harem theme. The thundering drums made a huge de(oops) impression.

There was an unforgettable vision when Sarah cast shadows of multiple angels on a gauze-like veil across stage front. She wore feathers, two feet long, on her finger tips and dangling from the entire length of her arms. It created the appearance of a huge winged bird...without a doubt...angelic, angelic, angelic, angelic.

I haven't said too much about singing, only two words are necessary...Sarah Brightman...or one...spectaculicious. She raised lovely melodies, like "Dust in the Wind" and "A Whiter Shade of Pale", to the divine. Of course, "Phantom of the Opera" selections contributed to the musical bliss. While Sarah sang "Nessum Dorma", standing on the high end of the curved arm above the stage (moon), it turned left and glided out into the audience, bringing her really up close and personal and w-a-a-ay up above their heads. Previously, I referred to two groups of musicians adding to the harmonious atmosphere; one was a rock band and the other, a full philharmonic orchestra. (something for everyone)

Then, there was the simplest of things.....like walking. I notice walking. (Ladies, check out the John Wayne gait in a movie sometime; and the number one walker, Jeff Goldblum, in the last two minutes of "Independence Day") Gentlemen, you'll want to check out the Sarah Brightman strut and swoon.

I'll write again about music some time, but, this concert is fini. The doors of the MGM Grand are closed.


McBunni said...

Thanks for visiting me!

Um, was your comment an insult on your looks, I couldn't quite tell!.....I think you look great! :)

J. D. said...

Hi mcbunni.....Oh, dear girl, I'm O.K. for sixty. I just thought it was very interesting that I looked at you and saw me, as I looked, thirty years ago. Therefore, if you look at me, you may see a resemblance to yourself at sixty years old. During the intervening years I've gained sixty pounds. It's best that you NOT do that. So, keep up the good work on your diet........J.D.

McBunni said...

Ya know....you're not the only one who's said that to me. A friend at work keeps telling me that she wants me to be thin cuz "I'm so young." Hee hee!

Thanks for the encouragement! :D

Minka said...

Sarah brightman? Sounds nice. As you well know, I went to a Josh groban concert lately...nice walk that man. There is something special experiencing music life, rathe rthan listening to a CD and I am gla dit was such a magnificient experience!

narcosis in paradise said...

J.D. have you heard from Morgan? E-mail me at littlejack1027@comcast.net. Wanda