Thursday, March 29, 2007


HELP..........It's clear that, as of, Thursday, March 29, I still need..........HELP.......... J.D.
It's true that you should ask a busy person to help if you need something done. He or she is usually so organized that fitting in one more job is no problem. My time is my own, so I can't even organize my purse. (but I try to make it a practice to create a decent meal for my husband each evening.....that really cuts into my personal time. But, he's worth it.) I therefore don't get a lot done.....lots of time to enjoy things I like to do. So why can't I get to blogging more often (question mark). LOL I can't find the question mark!!! Ha-ha. I have an old laptop and it's in French (now do you know what country I live in.....question mark) and I guess the French question mark is a different shape. Hubby can't find it either. LOL I'm very inquisitive! I need that question mark!.................So don't ask me to do anything. I have no time while I'm looking for the devilish squiggle and later I may be out computer hunting (period)

Saturday, March 17, 2007

New Blogger.....J.D.

This blogging thing could be a full time job. If I want time to pass quickly, I sit in front of the computer for ten minutes and suddenly two hours have passed. If I want time to slow down, I make a cooked pudding and stand stirring (one hour) for the "fifteen minutes" it takes to boil.
I checked out a few blogs.....don't you think I look like Minka's Mom?...........................J.D.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Not just another pretty face.....

Aaah Huh!!! You thought I couldn't do it, eh? (Can you guess where I live?) One baby step at a time. What do I do next? LOL.....O.K. I am just another pretty face. Help! Oh, is this the part where I tell you about myself?
If I could do anything my heart desired I would be a backup singer for a huge star. That pretty much takes in travel, singing and lots of spare time to read, write and watch Grey's Anatomy. But, I'm also lazy, so in my next life I'll probably be a piece of sheet music floating in the wind.
More later...................J.D.