Sunday, June 3, 2007


Now that Morgan is back in Amsterdam, I can fully relax. I'm sure these tense muscles, that have pulled my shoulders up to my ears, can be taken care of with a soothing massage. My voice, which has reached a whole octave higher than it was, will need voice therapy the doctor says and this itching rash will likely disappear with the cream he has given me. I hope I haven't pissed off too many people with my short temper over the last two weeks. Thank God that lady I clobbered in the doctor's office is not going to press charges. Hubby has been very understanding. He's going to rip up the papers he brought from the lawyer's office, as long as I never mention these last two weeks again. Now that Morgan is back in Amsterdam, I can fully relax. It's a Mother-thing.


narcosis in paradise said...

Awwww Judy, I wish I was there in Bonaire while Morgan was there. Not that I would be participating in the IDC course, but at least I would have gotten in some awesome diving. I'm sure I would have twisted his arm into joining me after class for a quick dive. Glad he's home too. W

Quilldancer said...

I went by Morgan's place early this morning. You're late! Must be all those tense muscles.

J. D. said...'re lucky to have gone diving in Bonaire. I see that it is always in the top three diving destinations in the world....Judy

Quilly...The operative word is "early". One of my favourite little (very little) jokes is to open my eyes in the morning, look at the clock, and say ......"OMG...There's an eight o'clock IN THE MORNING, TOO?" ....

Minka said...

he´s back, I missed him. I hope he has a detailed and non-painful story to relate.
Now unclench!


Theresa said...

Glad to hear he's back safe and sound, and glad to hear you're back to normal. Now, relax and go out and do something fun.

J. D. said...

Oh, Minka and Theresa! Morgan did tell me that sarcastic humour did not go over well using the written word. I see now that you possibly thought I really was "frantic" or needed to get "back to normal". The "He's back..." blog was satire; I was kidding.

You guys knew that. Right? Are you kidding ME now?

Don't take me completely seriously. I'll, no doubt, continue to write in my facetious style.

I love you guys. (not kidding there:-)........Judy

I Dive At Night said...

The more I post, the more trouble I'm asking for! :-P

(Little faces like smiles :-) or sticking your tounge out :-P are required to express satire.)

Theresa said...

I believed you! Yup, those smiley faces sure are important, I like the winky one, and I use it a lot. I usually leave the nose out, because "my nosy is tiny, and so wee, that I sometimes think the pixies gave it to me" ;) (The quote's from Blackadder, and obviously my nose is not wee, but I can't complain)

J. D. said...

Dear Theresa and Morgan.... The more I blog, the more TROUBLE I get into!!! I owe the apology. Sorry! (Boo-hoo-hoo)

How do I get those little yellow face icons? (Ha-ha-ha)

Is that better?