Friday, May 25, 2007

A Little Bit of Heaven

A few days ago I received a little bit of heaven in the mail. After rushing to get through most of the days work, I put the eagerly awaited new video in the player and proceeded to see if it was as good a performance as I had imagined each time I player the CD. SARAH BRIGHTMAN, one of my three favourite female vocalists seemed to be singing just for me. While listening to the HAREM CONCERT - Live in Las Vegas over and over, I had choreographed the entire concert in my mind. Having heard it so often, I knew the voice would be magnigicent. I suspected the concert would be a was much more than was a little bit of Heaven. Without a doubt, the most beautiful spectical I have ever viewed on a stage.

And speaking of stages, this one was unigue. A huge three-quarter moon connected to a large eight-sided star by a runway about forty feet long...all outlined in lights. The runway jutted out into the audience, situating the star in the middle of the people. On stage right, or rather moon right, an arm arched high above and terminated at the centre, still twenty feet above stage (moon)...again outlined in lights. Two orchestras were visible, where you would expect the back of the stage would be and they lowered and would rise when featured.

Sarah appeared, mystically, in the centre of the star, wearing yards and yards of sparkling, shimmering, sequined froth-like, white netting waving constantly in a gentle breeze. She sang "Harem". She soon dropped the glowing accessory from her shoulders to display a gorgeous, silver-white, bespeckled, very short, very sexy bustia and pant set. Hidden from our view, under the afore mentioned webby froth were thigh-high, silver, very high heeled boots. Her long, black, curling hair was crowned with a halo resembling sparklers that were held motionless in space. A jewel hung from a delicate chain, onto her forehead. The colour of her dazzling outfit was changed magically by the twelve white and rainbowed spot lights focused on her.

It is enthralling how she often began an aria and joined it to a modern song as if they were written that way. She combined the Madame Butterfly aria with It's a Beautiful Day and just knocked me out.

At various times she seemed to be floating on a magic carpet.....she swung on a swing lowered over the audience.....she was raised into the air on invisible wires, while trailing billowing, silken gauze around her.....rose petals were tossed onto the audience by harem girls (who themselves had about eight costume changes). The ceiling then began to rain rose petals, millions of rose petals floated everywhere.....another time confetti drifted from ceiling to floor for minutes on end.....a veil of water appeared spritzing straight up, twenty-five feet, from the floor and moving back and forth like the Dancing Waters in Las Vegas.....breezes, fog all added to the intensely beautiful spectical.

Sarah's costume changes were often done, unnoticed, on stage; adding a golden komina or dropping flowing capes to reveal a new sensual outfit in black or gold. She was unseen only at times when the eight harem dancers entertained with exquisite arm, hand and, of course, hip gyrations. The longest she was off stage for the entire concert (2 hours) was ninety seconds.

Arrogantly, I tell myself I would have added gigantic drums on stage in one song and a whirling dervish-like costume and skirt and spin, for the dancers, in another. (in my dreams) I've already watched my new DVD twice.

There's so much more to tell, but, honestly THIS is the short version. I hope you were able to stay the course and I especially wish you the joy of seeing this exeptional production.


Quilldancer said...

I wish I had time to sit and watch anything! My life is selling faster then I can bundle packages!

J. D. said...

Quilly, that is great news. I'm going over to eBay again and check it out. When the countdown and then the move is complete, give yourself a treat, if you like Sarah Brightman, and enjoy an evening of music with your guy..... Judy

Theresa said...

Sounds like it was a lovely concert. We have a couple of CDs of Sarah Brightman, and she truly has a magnificent voice. We bought the "Phantom of the Opera" after seeing it in L.A. (unfortunately not with Sarah Brightman) and she is brilliant.

J. D. said...

Theresa...I just had a strange experience. I jumped over to Dan-somebody from your list. There I saw a comment (the first one up) by a young lady (McBunni) that looked just like myself in my 20's. I had to drop her a line and tell her to go and see what she would look like at 60 (with 60 lbs. added). Isn't that strange?......Judy

Dan said...

Arrogantly, I tell myself I would have added gigantic drums on stage in one song and a whirling dervish-like costume and skirt and spin, for the dancers, in another

I forwarded your ideas to Sarah. I can't wait to see what she says! Just teasing. :)

Thanks for visiting my blog today. That was very nice of you. Nice blog you have over here!

J. D. said...

Dan.....You're here! I'm very pleased a "non-thinking" blogger genius, such as yourself, has taken time to drop by. I'm clearly a beginner and am actually embarrassed (not bare assed - it's just a spelling problem) because of my m-m-m-meagre offerings. (Speaking of butts, I thought you were about to kick mine for thinking I could add ANYTHING to S.B.'s concert.) You've made me n-n-nervous. (I really laughed when you made blogging and not thinking a GOOD THING. I'm telling Martha Stewart she should add that to her list of "Good Things".****kidding and jocularity ensue****)Th-th-thank you for stopping bye-bye-bye..............J.D.

Minka said...

So it was a video. i rea dteh above post first, and assumed...being touched as you seemed...that you were at a live concert.
Sarah brightman and Andrea Bocelli togethe rosund very nice!

J. D. said...'s so good to have you back.

Music is a joy to me. Ya, if I get that excited over a DVD, can you imagine what I'd be like at a live concert? I've been to four or five and I do get a little nuts.

"touched" has another meaning - strange or crazy. I think that, also, would apply to me and this DVD.......Judy